Portland State University GOLD Program


The purpose of the Basic Airborne Course is to qualify the volunteer (all students volunteer for this school) in the use of the parachute as a means of combat deployment and to develop leadership, self-confidence and an aggressive spirit though mental and physical conditioning.  The course is three weeks long, divided into Ground Week, Tower Week, and Jump Week.  There is a rigorous physical training (PT) regimen through the entire course.  The initial entry PT test consists of the standard Army APFT.  All age groups must pass this test using the 17-21 age group standards.

Air Assault

Air Assault school qualifies the soldiers to conduct airborne helicopter operations.  Proper sling load techiniques, knots, and fast roping are among the topics covered.  The school itself is 10 days long and also features a 12 mile march with a rucksack.  Learn to rappel and fast rope from towers and helicopters in locations such as Hawaii, Kentucky, Oregon, and Lousiana.
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