Portland State University GOLD Program

What is PSU GOLD?

PSU GOLD (Guard Officer Leadership Development) is an Oregon National Guard Commissioning program located on the Portland State University campus.  Cadets in the program are simultaneous members (SMP) of the Oregon National Guard and the PSU GOLD program.

GOLD is a college elective program that teaches students leadership theory as well as practical skills. Students learn the importance of teamwork and how to work together in various real-life situations. The end result is a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army National Guard with leadership training and experiences that prepare the graduate for a successful career after college.

The intent of the GOLD Program is to increase officer accessions by increasing enrollment from enlisted National Guard members who are attending college.

Who is Eligible to Gain a Commission?

Annual Financial Assistance Example for a GOLD cadet at PSU

- 100% Tuition Assistance
- GRFD Scholarship*
- Montgomery GI Bill
- Montgomery GI Bill “Kicker”
- GOLD Stipend*
- Book Stipend
- Drill Pay (cadets receive E5 pay)
- Annual Training (15 days)
Estimated Annual Total
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